My Personal Review Of Heavenly Treasure’s 14k Yellow Gold Diamond and Peridot Ring

July 5, 2016

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Is This Elegant 14k Yellow Gold Diamond and Peridot Ring The Perfect Fit As Your Engagement Ring?

Are you looking for a modern ring that is unique, yet still elegant? Your special someone is forward thinking and doesn’t mind making a statement with a non-traditional stone so her ring should reflect the boldness and confidence of her personality!

Introducing the 14k Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Ring

This elegant and sophisticated 14k yellow gold peridot ring features two rows of dainty diamonds to accent the center gemstone. The style and design of this piece is expertly crafted, giving off a vintage appeal. The french cut peridot stone’s distinct hue is modestly subdued, but still stands strong as something that is different and made for the person looking for a non-traditional stone. Still, the two rows of sparkling diamonds help bridge the gap between modern and traditional.

Are you feeling the connection with this piece yet? Keep reading for more of its breathtaking features.

What are its Main Features?

The main feature of this piece is the sizable french cut peridot gemstone which is 0.4 carats, accented by genuine white diamonds. There are 38 total white diamonds arranged in two circular rows that expertly frame the gem for a total of 0.19 ctw. The band is a solid 14kt gold available in both yellow and white and measures 5/16 inch wide to create a sturdy ring ready to stand the test of time.

Overall, it’s a delicate piece designed to softly accent your finger and represent your union together. By combining diamonds with an alternative peridot stone, you can blend new with old world traditions.

Can you imagine her excitement at such a remarkable piece of jewelry?

This piece also comes in a delightful ring box for storage or safekeeping until you are ready to take it out and surprise your sweetheart with it!

Read This Before Buying The Heavenly Treasures 14k Yellow Gold Diamond and Peridot Ring to Find Out Everything You Need to Know

Why is this Ring Unique?

The Peridot Diamond ring is one of a kind because it takes a traditional style and blends it with a modern french cut peridot stone to create a contemporary piece of jewelry for the new aged woman. Choose this noteworthy piece of jewelry to help her stand out from the crowd and show off something fresh that is as distinct and special as she is.

Could this be the perfect fit for her?

What I really Love About this Ring

My favorite thing about this design is how the two breathtaking rows of diamonds curve around the peridot stone just right. The diamonds add the optimal amount of sparkling and brilliance to accent the ring and really help the gemstone to stand out.

The color of the stone is not too dark or light either, giving off subtle hints to summer’s end, my favorite season. Imagine the tale end of summer at the beginning of the fall when the warmth still radiates off the grass and the leaves are just beginning to change. It’s fresh and it’s comforting, just like the color of this gem.

Reminders like these have inspired generations of past civilizations to value peridot. This beautiful unicolor stone was used to ward off evil spirits and protect one’s self against madness. It would make the perfect emblem to safeguard your marriage against any unwanted forces.

Here Are the Things I Don’t Love About this Ring

There are a few things that I don’t particularly love about this piece but certainly aren’t deal breakers. Because of its unique shape it would be hard to find a stackable ring to accompany it, although not impossible.

The center peridot stone is not particularly bold so it won’t be suited for women who are seeking something more brilliant.

But if you find yourself still entranced with the look of this design, you need to make sure you are getting the real deal at the best price. The last thing you want is to get ripped off or end up giving your beloved a knock off product.

Read on for more information about how and where to get this dazzling piece at the most affordable price!

Where Is The Best Place To Get This Peridot Diamond Ring?

Marriage-proposalThe very best place to get this item for the ultimate deal is directly from the manufacturer. When you buy directly from the manufacturer, it bypasses all the overhead costs that would typically be included in the price if you bought from a store, including their rent, employees, storage, customs fees, display ideas and fixtures etc.

One of the biggest fees that you bypass is sales commission for the person trying to sell you a ring. Retail stores generally charge you up to three and a half times what they paid to compensate for all the fees associated with their costs. When you buy online directly from the manufacturer, there are no employee sales commissions or physical retail location costs because the research process and decision was your own! So bypass all of the extra fees and costs by buying online directly from the manufacturer!

Doesn’t that sound like the best plan to get a genuine item at the most affordable price?

So What’s the Final Verdict?

The french cut peridot diamond ring is perfect for the lady in your life who values both traditional and modern day ideals. Featuring a classic and established engagement ring style that is blended with a contemporary peridot stone, this piece will put a smile on the face of your beloved sweetheart.

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